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From the sugar till to the dehydrated and frozen vegetables:

IDA S.r.l is an example of entrepreneurial skill that evolves with market's demands. IDA S.r.l's history began at the end of the second world war: Mr. Pietro Gemma, the founder, produced first the rapeseed oil. Cause a rising penury on sugar market and a strong demand IDA S.r.l started in producing sugar and syrup processing the sugar beets. During the Berlin blockade IDA S.r.l produced different types of dehydrated vegetables used to feed the people: onions, carrots, cauliflowers, etc After this period, IDA LLC focused on production of dehydrated beets for coffee substitutes An increasing price of beets forced IDA S.r.l in changing strategy, so, the production was focused on new products and specially on vegetables powder that today represents IDA LLC core business with spinach powder. This product is mainly used in production of green pasta. In 2005 the company opened a new site in San Giulano Nuovo with one of the longest production line in Europe. Today IDA S.r.l. exports its products in more than 40 countries all over the world.

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Our products


Since 1954 dehydrated spinach is the main production in IDA S.r.l.


IDA S.r.l. started production of dehydrated parsley in 2005

Potatoes flakes

IDA srl trades potatoes flakes since 1960.

Other products

IDA srl can offer you a wide range of dehydrated products


Raw material comes from farms that can guarantee total traceability and that are all located in different regions of Italy. Once fresh spinach has arrived in factory , it subjected to quality controls and, after IDA s.r.l staff has approved it, raw material is washed and dehydrated in one of the longest production line in the world. IDA s.r.l can offer :

  • Spinach powder
  • Spinach powder baby food
  • Organic spinach powder
  • Spinach granules
  • Spinach leaves 1-4 mm
  • Blanched spinach leaves

Dehydrated spinach is mainly used in application as:

  • Coloured Pasta
  • Fresh filled pasta
  • Soups
  • Baby food
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Creams
  • Sause

Total traceability, high quality, all process data recording and all analysis on final product make IDA S.r.l. 's production one of the most famous dehydration company in the world and this is why its product are exported in more than 40 countries.


IDA S.r.l. started production of dehydrated parsley in 2005 and, thanks its experience in spinach , the final quality of product resulted immediately success. Today parsley represents the second major product for the company and , as for spinach, IDA S.r.l. can guarantee a total traceability . Cause of the seasonality of raw material, all farmers are local and are supported by agronomists. Once fresh parsley has arrived in factory , it subjected to quality controls and, after IDA s.r.l staff has approved it, raw material is washed and dehydrated.

IDA S.r.l. can offer :

  • Parsley leaves 2/4 mm
  • Parsley leaves 1/2 mm
  • Parsley powder

Applications :

  • In oil
  • Sause
  • Soups
  • Precooked dishes

Potatoes flakes:

IDA srl trades potatoes flakes since 1960. Potatoes flakes production starts with an accurate selection of raw material, than, once It's arrived in factory it's washed, peeled ,mashed , dried an cut . Potatoes Flakes are used for production of gnocchi, mashed potatoes , snacks…. Avialable packaging :

  • Bags 25 Kg
  • Carton 2x5 Kg
  • Carton 6x1 kg
  • Carton 2x5kg organic

Other products:

IDA srl , as well as spinach parsley and potatoes flakes, can offer you a wide range of dehydrated products imported from all over the world: garlic, basil, red beetroot, onion, oregano, carrot, tomato, chilly…please do not hesitate to contact us for having a product list. This product are used in a lot of different food industry application: canned food, coloured pasta, bakery...


sqm area


meters of production line


Export Countries


IDA 's productions are subjected to strict controls and different type of analyses :

  • Microbiology
  • Humidity
  • Coloring power
  • Granulometry

Coloring power:

Spinach powder is a a natural colouring and so It's important not only its color but also its coloring power. IDA's S.r.l. studies allow us to know the colouring power for every lot so that this value can be kept under control to guarantee a constancy in final product . Other differents parameters are checked by laboratory in order to guarantee standards and customers satisfaction.

About its own production IDA can traces product from seeding to shipment.

Controls qualità
Controls qualità

The Plant

New site in San giuliano Nuovo – Alessandria opened in August 2005.

The new plant was built respecting all the regulation of food safety and environment.The factory covers a 30 000 sqm area with a covered surface of 9000 m2. The production line is long 300 meters and it' completely stainless . Thanks the high level of automation , all worker have just task of monitoring. All product are stocked in store equipped with all system for maintain dehydrated foods and can be quickly loaded on trucks thank to dock leveller.

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